Friday, February 22, 2013

freedom on my mind

My boss has what she calls "intolerant days".  Days where seemingly anything and anyone can be the instigator of her intolerance - depending upon the way she feels about the animal/vegetable/mineral at any given time.

Every now and then, I get hit with a shard of her intolerance, and not only does it confuse and insult me - it also makes me feel a bit crap. It gets to me mostly because I'm forever trying to do my best to function and move and talk and engage when all I really want to do is none of those things. Most of the time, I don't feel like being the shit-kicker in the organisation, but I'll be sure to receive a swift reminder at those times I fail to remember my place.

I don't necessarily want to be the highest paid person in the building, the one with the biggest title, or the greatest sway - but what I would like is respect. Not to be second guessed, and not to be the target of someones frustration just because she's having a momentary lapse of tolerance.

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