Thursday, December 6, 2012

strategies for working with stupid people

Every now and then you meet a person, who on every conceivable level annoys the complete shit out of you. It's as if your aura's clash and repel like charged magnets, or batteries, or whatever the laws of science say. I have one of these people in my wider work team, and I'm really struggling to deal with him. From this moment on, he shall be referred to as 'Beet-Boy'.

I used to consider myself a 'nice' person, but the longer I spend in the approximate company of Beet-Boy - the more nasty and horrible I become.  I am unable to hide my disdain for Beet-Boy - I verbally, passive aggressively assault him whenever the opportunity presents itself. I know this isn't right - it's a poor reflection of me and it's mean to him - but I just seem to lose control of my face and mouth where he is concerned.

He's like an eight year old in a forty year olds awkward body - he has zero social skills, is lazy, nonsensical and arrogant.  He wears inappropriately short-shorts, eats cold baked beans from the can and likes beetroot way too much. He has googly eyes which pierce (and not the good kind of piercing), and overall I just can't stand the sight of him without my face hardening and my words turning venomous.

Admittedly I don't have a lot of tolerance for stupidity - but I really do need to feign some form of respect for Beet-Boy, who is technically my 'elder' and my work superior.  I hate feeling like a bad person, and just wish I was able to rise above all the shit at work that brings me down like a sinking stone.

Until that lotto win happens, I might have to grow accustomed to keeping my mouth shut - or biting my tongue, turning the other cheek, twisting my own arm, pulling someone elses leg.... wahhhhh!  I thought nature was supposed to 'natural select' the stupid out of a species.


Anonymous said...

couldn't you go out to dinner with him, have a few drinks, get to know each other out of the work thing might lead to another....

(oh, and tell me what is wrong with cold baked beans from a can??)

StrangeBird said...

Oh beach lad, thank you for your suggestion, but I don't want anything to lead anywhere with this individual *shudders*

Look, it's not the beans, or the can that are particularly offensive - I'm just not sure of the level of appropriateness consuming them in this manner in the workplace lunch-room. With all those implications of bodily gases...