Friday, April 13, 2012


"Young children who learn how to read and write using Facebook may have an edge over their peers later in life, according to a prominent Australian linguist."

Ummmm, are you fucking kidding me?! Yeah - maybe if you want your kids to turn into illiterate little wankers who cannot construct a thoughtful sentence.. or any sentence at all.

God, there's some real shit out there. Worst of all that 'prominent Australian linguist' probably got paid to 'study' that crap.

{Insert wild-man scream}



Rianna said...

I can't actually think of anything more detrimental to a child. Perhaps teaching them about men and women and the human body with hard-core pornography? Or yeah, you could just let them loose on the web completely - why stop at facebook?
This is yet another excuse for parents to opt out of the work of parenting and it's a disgrace. Just quietly.

StrangeBird said...

Totally agree Ri. Those of us who grew up with storybooks and simple toys - we used our imaginations and I think we turned out ok! Facebook's not even healthy for adults!

Gypsy said...

A big hell yeah to this! What a bizarre statement!

I'm new here- but don't hold it against me... I expect you'll probabaly go check out my blog from here. Don't judge the book by it's cover. I may look like a mild mannered mother of 4 but not so much.

Say hello. I'd love a new friend.

StrangeBird said...

Hey Gypsy - thanks for the comment. Who me? With a blog name like 'shoe full of snot' I never judge books by their covers ;)

Gypsy said...

Hello again SB, Thank-you for stopping by! Well- you must be pretty on to it because I always judge books by their covers... I just try really hard to take enough time to read the blurb and look inside as well. I am indeed in WA have been since August last year. I'm in Perth. Are you anywhere close by? I ask because I am unashamedly trawling for friends! I'm not sure that the direct approach will work or just make me look like a Gypsy-no-friends... I guess if it doesn't work I'll try a new tack with the people I haven't talked to yet.