Thursday, October 20, 2011

that's what you get

Things are crazy at work right now - we are in the process of moving into a different location - so I've been doing a lot of packing and lifting all week. We have been trying to achieve things, but are being held up by incompetent or absent tradies - it's so frustrating. I do believe the art of organisation has been lost by most.

I am also mega angry with management and process.  I applied and sat for an interview for a position in my current department - I did this back in March.  I STILL don't have an answer.  Forget that while the position sits unfilled, I have to try and do the work of two people; forget that, as an adult, I need to plan things - so factors like whether or not I have a 75 hour or a 50 hour fortnight, kinda matter. Forget that if I were a doctor, surgeon or token project officer of fuck knows what, I would not be left waiting 29 weeks for a resolution.  It is bullshit.  And what's worse, whenever the subject is raised, my absolutely useless mangers manager, tells me these ridiculous vague lies which are just insulting to all involved.  I'm supposed to believe that the regional director just has so much fucking paperwork on her over sized desk that she can't get to the bottom of the pile in what, 20 weeks? Someone is telling me porkies, and I dislike this immensely.  Every time I see that stupid woman in a newspaper photograph, or quoted in a newspaper article, or her name at the bottom of a global email - I want to tell her to get her overpaid, over sized ass to her desk and sign my god-damned paperwork.  Is that so much to ask?!

Why I even went for this job, I don't know.  The pay is no better and there's just as many menial jobs as before - but I cared about people, so I wanted to do it full time.  These management people make me hate it, they make me want to leave - they make me want to hurt them the way they hurt the little people like me.  I imagine seeing my paperwork enclosed in a dull beige file, squashed at the bottom of a paperwork pile - where the regional director looks upon it, sees my nobody name, and nobody title and decides she'll leave it until next week.

What all of this says to me is that 'they' don't care, that 'they' can't be trusted and that 'they' do not appreciate me, or people like me.

Oh boy, I feel a naughty letter brewing inside of me - so they best hope I don't find a wealthy man to sweep me off my feet and marry me - because if I do, I will be telling them where they can stick that paperwork, along with that job!

SB xx

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