Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The little girl in me

I am a self professed potty mouth - I can drop a 'shit' 'crap' and even 'fuck' just about anywhere. I 'balls' with the best of them and call 'bullshit' when I see it.

Which is why it's hilarious that when, say, I try to open a door the wrong way, or drop a pen, the automatic thing that comes out of my mouth is "whoopsie daisy". These words escape my mouth before I even have time to register them. I caught myself doing it today, and I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing. Here I am, this awkward, 28 year old, broad shouldered with a weathered heart - behaving like an eight year old blonde girl in a summer dress, frilled socks and shiny white shoes.

Well Fiddle-dee-dee! Ain't that just swell?

SB xx


Rianna said...

We're the same age :)
And I'm trying to clean up my act with the swearing bit.
Shan't acknowledge the words I say in my head at various times during the day though. Doesn't count if you just think it, right?

StrangeBird said...

I think it's definately ok if you keep them in your head! I need to use my 'inside voice' a little more.. :)