Sunday, October 23, 2011

a sentimental education

This is a photograph I took this afternoon, lightly baked in Photoshop for some added drama.  It was a little test for my new DSLR - which is a lovely piece of machine, and I think we are going to have a promising relationship.  I like to think of this photo, as 'flowers from my love' because it is taken from a tree that John mentioned to me a while ago - I finally had the time to go out and look, and I found it, hidden in a place I didn't expect to find it.  It made me feel connected to him, my friend, only my friend.  I miss him at the strangest times.

I love Jacaranda trees - they begin to bloom around this time of year - sometimes whole streets are lined with the pleasant purple. From a lookout point today, casting my eyes over the town, I could see pockets of purple springing from amongst the red dirt and scrub.  Even after all the hurt, I still think of John as a brilliant beacon of colour in this rugged palette of plain. He gallivants his part of the world as if it is his own backyard - sometimes he sends me photos of what he sees. I hold onto that tightly. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

This weekend I have been steadily working on my overseas trip photo albums - they are coming together nicely, but remembering moments and stories to write within the pages is going to take longer.

The soundtrack to my weekend has been a new release from dear Washington, called "Insomnia". She soothes me.

SB xx

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