Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the friend ship

I don't know what's happening.  John has been talking to me about photography related stuff for like a week now.  It started last week, when he showed me his camera.  Then, Monday morning, he emailed me some pictures that he took over the previous weekend.  Since then, we have emailed back and forth about various photography related stuff.  Revealing stuff about ourselves, being honest, having fun, letting guards down.

I'm scared, but excited.  Maybe we have finally found the common ground to launch this friend ship.  It makes me wonder why; is he using me for my knowledge - well, I don't know that much?  Am I just a distraction from shit at work - maybe?

I can't believe after all this time, we might have found something to talk about.  But, the conversation is going to run out eventually. Or he's going to leave - or both.  I'm sad I might just now have a friend in him, and all he wants to do is get a ticket out of here.

SB xx


MissEmy said...

awwww- well i hope it turns out to be a good friendship! And not one that sails like you mentioned.... You never know though! Good luck!!

StrangeBird said...

Thanks MissEmy - lovely of you to say. Fingers crossed and as they say, "que sera sera" (if I new the Danish version I would write it!) ;)