Sunday, January 30, 2011

The storm that broke the birds back

I feel like I have been smothered in the shadow of a dark cloud since 2011 started, and this weekend proved no different. On Saturday, being the clever bird I am, I reversed my car into what can only be described as 'a small tree enclosed in a moat of concrete.' I couldn't believe my luck, or my idiocy - and I have now sworn to never reverse unnecessarily again. At this point, I don't actually know how it is people leave me in charge of important things - like money, handbags, children? I thought my stupid years were over - I appear to be getting stupider as time goes on.

On top of all of this, the whole place is in a sort of heat lock down. It has been 44+ degrees the past two days, and there is no other way to describe it, than to say it's kind of been like living inside a sauna. Even when you are absolutely stationary, you sweat - you sweat where ever a part of your body touches the surface of another thing and I'm talking about proper sweat beads - in your eyes, down your face and neck. You know when you're watching a TV show and a character has just gone for a run or a big workout, and they have what we assume is water all over their face, neck and t-shirt in such a way that makes you think 'yeah right that is so fake.' Well this is the way I have looked for the past two days, and mine has been the real deal. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever know again, what it's like to not have every inch of my body covered in sweat - for sure, a big shout out to the body's cooling system, but for crying out loud!?

Storms have threatened the air for the past three nights. Lighting and thunder shows, and a little rain - but all in all, mostly bark and no bite. I hope that when the rain does finally break, that it washes away all this shit that has built up - all the heat and the steam, the grime and mess - that it will finally be gone and be replaced with something like hope.

SB xx


MissEmy said...

oh that sucks!!! I backed into a mailbox once... and broke the taillight in the back. My Dad wasn't pleased but he was really good about it. the mailbox was intact- so the neighbor never knew. :P

The heat sounds dreadful! It's been super cold in Denmark lately and it has me wishing for summer. But definitely not to that degree. :P

StrangeBird said...

Yeah reversing is not really my strongest ability! I hope that the Denmark summer is much milder than in Western Australia! :)