Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's moments like these

I feel like I have so much to say, but no words and nowhere to start. These last couple of weeks have been crazy - between the festivities and dramas, tooth-aches, belly-aches and public holidays, I can barely recollect my full name.

There's been activity and drama in the house of StrangeBird, which has left little space in the family room for solo acts. I'm at that familiar point again, where I just want life to slow down. You know that weird button on a remote that you might accidentally push, and it almost freezes things, but you end up going slow-mo, frame for frame. I need a button like that.

It's been raining today - the hot, sticky summer rain that smells clean but leaves you and everything you touch feeling dirty - everything is dampened by this meteorological outburst. It's horrible, my hair won't behave and I'm about to have an outburst of my own! I can't take the heat, the sweat, the dirt, the feeling that yet another thing is pushing down on me.

But, the universe is unmoved by my feelings on the matter - she means business tonight. Respect where it's due. Sister thunder comes out to play every now and then - they play a duet. Tonight the universe is a woman that wants to be heard.

SB xx

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