Friday, November 5, 2010

I turn to shoe

Events of today have unfolded like the bad plot line of a cheap paperback. Work is an energy sucking place to be right now, there's so much shit hitting the fan that there is no where safe to stand to avoid the splatter. To make things worse, I think I'm being played like a fiddle by John.

But, in the spirit of reasons to live - I saw these shoes on a website the other day, and fell in love. It takes almost everything in me not to buy them. What I'd really like to do is buy them, and wear them fantastically while stepping on the toes of all those who treat me badly.SB xx

1 comment:

MissEmy said...

Oh Strangebird, I loved the mental picture you created with those shoes! Which are gorgeous, by the way. I think there are a couple toes I would love to step on too if i were wearing shoes like that. :D

Sorry to hear about John though! :( :( :(