Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fortune may favour the brave, but she makes a bitch of naivety

I am not going to be naive about what's going on. John would have me and my workmates think he needs us, to join his grand cause in an attempt to overthrow management's bad ways. He is not fully open in his intentions - is it because now he sees the disadvantages; because now it's affecting him? He's not being noble - he's not trying to make things better, and I doubt he'll even stay around to see through what he has started. He doesn't care about me or the team. All he cares about is looking like a big man - a bold man for his poison SpottyApple.

John is a poor fool. Poor in wisdom and seriously foolish in his motives.

I am not going to conform for all the sparkles in his green eyes and I will not be fortunes bitch!

SB xx

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