Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still, Rabbit Hearted

I was hoping to have Florence & The Machine on board to help me with tonight's post - however, continuing in the tradition of the last few days, YouTube is being a bastard and won't give me what I want. Fuck it! Let's just pretend I am a raging, long-haired red-head with a hell of a voice.

I'm a little muddled, today especially. I have my ugly head on today too - I don't want to look in the mirror, I just want to go to bed, except that means waking up to Thursday.. to work.

I don't want John to come back. And mostly, I don't want to care about it the way I do right now. Why is this shit getting under my skin - who gave it permission to do that? I already know that answer. I need armour. I need, an invisibility cloak.

I saw a disturbing picture today, of animal cruelty. It made me sick. I don't know what eventually happens to 'people' (I use the term loosely here) like that - sick, twisted, bastard 'people'... but I sure do hope it's swift, harsh and unrelenting. 'People' who mess with kids and animals are the worst kind of horror to me.

Benchpress Me NOW Boy sat next to me today at the gym. No words exchanged. I lasted 153 seconds on the rower in his presence - pitiful. He kind of scares me.

SB xx

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