Tuesday, October 12, 2010

never assume people are intelligent

There is a reason why it is said "assumption is the Mother of all fuck ups" and that is because it's 100% true. Still though, dumbasses like myself insist on giving people the benefit of the doubt; surely they must know.... it's obvious.... Sadly, it's never obvious, especially when it's something simple, and always when it matters.

I got my work shirts today - they screwed the colour of the embroidery. How silly of me to think (nay, assume) it would be obvious to not use yellow embroidery on a red and white shirt? It gets worse. I ordered four shirts; all different colours; surprisingly, none of them yellow (or a complementary colour of yellow) - what's that you ask? What colour did they do the embroidery on all four shirts? All. Fucking. Yellow.

Why? Why? I think the universe hates me today.

I started reading this book on prosperity the other night - it's kind of weird, but I'm sticking with it. It's an old-school book from the 60's or something... and it quotes some famous scientific theory that says there is 'gold dust in the air'. I'm not too sure about that theory, but fuck - maybe that's what's turning all the embroidery thread yellow!?

Some days, I really hate being me. Today has been one of those days.

SB xx

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