Friday, August 30, 2013

violent tendencies

Recently I had admitted to my psychologist that I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my boss, and that I was beginning to struggle with hiding those feelings.  I thought that perhaps these feelings were 'seeping' out of me, and being picked up those around me and making for a more tense atmosphere. Therefore creating a big ol' dirty circle of angst.

In order to diffuse these feelings, she suggested that whenever I was around the aforementioned boss, I should try to think of something funny to lighten my mood, similar to the imaginings of J.D in the TV series 'Scrubs'.

I saw this movie "Identity Thief" recently, and while it was not a terribly great movie, it did contain the inspiration for my 'mood-lightening' thought.  See 0:36 below for the golden moment.

The only problem is that this didn't work for very long, and my 'mood-lightening' thought has now taken a violent turn.  When my boss is hovering over my shoulder, or ignoring my transferred calls, or being dismissive, I now like to imagine that the sandwich-maker is being hurled at her head - by me.  As she's walking past my work station.... as she's exiting the door... even a surprise blow as she's sitting at her desk with her back to me - I imagine smacking her square in the melon with that platinum silver sandwich press. That's bad, right?

I don't think this is quite what the psychologist had in mind.

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