Sunday, November 4, 2012

tuning in

Clare Bowditch is one of those people who I've just always known I'd be great friends with.  Over the past few months she's embarked on what she called "The Winter Happiness Summit" - during which she released a bunch of interviews, with various personalities, all talking about happiness.

It's affirming to find that you're not necessarily the 'weird' one, if you are seen to be looking for something more.  For a long time, I firmly believed and constantly told myself, that something is missing. Something unnamed, unknown to me, but I just figured I would know it when I found it - if I found it, if I was indeed capable of seeing it at all.  I feared I would always be viewing the world through hotel-room mirrors - where the light is harsh and cold and everything it touches looks ugly.  But then, last night I listened to this interview with Robert Holden and it has seeded a change in the way I think about myself, happiness and sadness - and life in general.  If you have a spare 30 minutes, it's truly worth a listen.  Robert Holden is completely engaging (as is Clare) and his explanation of happiness is truly profound.

Let joy be our compass.

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