Friday, June 22, 2012

tonight, tonight with the haters

I just read something on facebook that infuriated me. Written in comment on a status update, one of my recently ex-coworkers wrote a note of congratulations to a mutual 'friend' on her "escaping" my hometown. Little fucker.

I'll be the first to acknowledge this town has its limitations, but it did support that ex-coworker with employment, sealed roads, fresh air, beer and amenities for the past 18 months. That entitled, arrogant hipster snot, with his Ray Bans and Converse sneakers can shove his witless little digs up his skinny jeans wearing ass. What a punk.


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Rianna said...

Uh Oh.
I never felt that way about my home town. I wanted to escape it. I don't miss it - only the three or so people there whom I love. When I started moving around the country a lot, I craved the quietude, nothing-much-happening-ever, pace of my faraway home town. I never really felt like bashing it though. I've got sweet memories and awful memories from every place I ever lived.