Saturday, June 30, 2012

be still my beating h

I remember when I started hearing about Heath Ledger, I think I was about 16 years old, struggling with the idea of planning out the rest of my life.  He was starting to make big waves - I couldn't wait to see "10 things I hate about you", to see a West Australian boy getting attention - it made me think maybe I could someday too.

With all the Ledger hype, amongst my university confusion, I started thinking it'd be grand to do drama and be an 'artist' - just like Heath. It was a silly passing idea, sobered by the fact that I actually hate being a public centre of attention.  I suppose I was impressed by Heath Ledgers energy, passion, talent and bravery, and I just wanted something of the same for myself.

It makes me incredibly sad thinking about how his light went out so early - and I think the world is darker for it.

To reinstate my posts of appreciation for glorious men - I begin with the wonderful Heath Ledger. What a smile.

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