Thursday, March 8, 2012

there is a kingdom

I found a real friend. I can't say how, because in truth, I do not know. I suspect it was one of those curiously normal days, when, in closet-to-Narnia style, I stumbled upon her world and adored what I found. Gods angels may well have been holding a neon sign directing me to this woman, a sign I could not see at the time.

On this, International Women's Day, I celebrate the arrival of this woman into my world - I look back and wonder where it all began? I shake my head at the utter ridiculousness, that two peoples life-lines could clash together so fantastically; separated by state lines and time zones - some might laugh at the suggestion that I found a best friend?

I speak so dramatically about this lovely person, perhaps because in my adulthood, I had resigned myself to the reality that my time for finding and making real friends was over.  For so long, not letting anyone in far enough to see the mess beneath - I figured I'd forgotten how to connect with people; maybe it was all too hard.

Sometimes life delivers beautiful and inspired surprises and on days like these, awe is the only appropriate response.

Today, I celebrate this person, because she is an inspiring, strong, courageous woman who encourages me to celebrate myself - in this day and age, who does that?

There is a kingdom, to which we belong, where we are princesses - bound not by blood - but by things far more magical - spirit, heart and other things unseen. The doll and the bird.

SB xx

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Rianna said...

I am beyond honoured.
I'm speechless too.
And so very happy :)
Thankyou, thankyou sweet lady!!