Tuesday, March 6, 2012

copy - paste - cut

It was brought to my attention today, that I may be causing upset to the artists and photographers, whose photographic work I have used in previous posts.

It bothers me immensely to think that my quiet little blog could be a source of angst - my own, or someone elses.  In all honesty, sometimes I forget that anyone even reads this blog - I forget that I am no longer scribbling rants into a hidden journal - complete with pasted pictures ripped from the pages of magazines. On the occasions that I have included images in my posts, it has not been to claim them as my own, but instead in an effort to express a thought, and an appreciation for the subjects of those photographs, and in turn for the photographs themselves.

Still, I accept that I should not be perpetuating the bad habits that Internet conveniences tend to foster.  To the artists whose work I have used, without credit - I apologise.  I am unable to back-track to locate all the sources of all the photos I have used previously, however, in the future, I will endeavour to give credit where it is due.

This is still rather a new world to me.  In the use of others works my intention has never been malicious; so in reference to my mistakes, I must plead ignorance. It is an awkward introduction into the real world of 'electronic publishing'.


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Rianna said...

Trolls often get in my grill about my collages, as they lack sources. Whatever. If I know who the artist is, I always credit them. If I get an image from a Tumblr, most often it is without a credit, so I re-post as I found it, and sometimes credit the Tumblr it came from (if I can remember where that was).
Only twice have PR firms contacted me to say please remove a post featuring an editorial, OR credit it differently. On both occasions I've removed the entire post immediately, and replied sending them the link for where I originally found it. They've responded with praise for my blog, and thanks for my action...and then asked if I'd care to give them publicity in a future post. How about 'Get Stuffed'? So honey...don't worry about it. Everyone's a hero behind a computer screen, and I can assure you that whoever took it out on you about your image use, was probably pushing their own agenda and has a power complex. Ignore and continue as you were!!