Friday, March 2, 2012

pardon the onesie

So, the happiest part of my day was stumbling upon a news report (while perusing the Internet on completely non-work related business) about an animal sanctuary in Costa-Rica.

Four words: Baby. Sloth. In. Pajamas.

The story was talking about how these orphaned sloths suffer from a disease called mange, which they become susceptible to because they are missing out on the antibodies from their mothers milk.  So, at this sanctuary, they have come up with a way to cure the baby sloths - by shaving all their hair off, smothering them in a paste they make, and then swaddling them into cute little baby bundles!

I was until today, a firm believer that onesie's should be the exclusive clothing choice of human babies and toddlers only - but I now add baby sloths to that list.

I think I've decided what I want to do with my life now; I want to have a baby sloth sanctuary for all the orphaned sloths - I can wrap them in funky pajamas and give them people names like 'Jerry' and 'Violet'.  Just one small problem... there's a small lack of native sloths in my immediate area... and by area, I mean country.


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Rianna said...

Baby Sloths 4eva