Tuesday, February 28, 2012

white flag rising

Well, it didn't take much longer than 17 seconds for me to want to slam my forehead into my workstation, upon arriving at work today.

I know that out there, somewhere, many someones are wishing for jobs, and I know that I don't really have too much cause to bitch and complain - but right now, I really, really hate my job.

It is a familiar sense that swallows me now - one part resignation, one part apathy and two parts frustration. It is a beast I can no longer outrun, and the motivation to battle onwards eludes me now. Today I felt a shift as I realised all that I wanted to do was run away and be gone from this environment - and more than being a momentary glitch, it was instead a notion that settled into my bones and made itself a home.  I haven't felt this way for a really long time, and I recognise it as the beginning of the end.

Where to from here?


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Rianna said...

Welcome aboard ;)