Wednesday, December 21, 2011

woman of letters: 'R' for reply

I've been inspired lately, to be more proactive about putting pen to paper - about pushing the letter writing thing, expressing my feelings and kind of reaching out. So, I did some unusual things.

Like, when I finished reading Marieke Hardy's book I decided to write her a letter, telling her how much I enjoyed her book.

Then, after my Gotye experience - I thought it might be nice to write to the man himself and tell him just how wonderful I thought he was. This time, I had to resort to email, as he had no physical address.

So I did both of these things.

Yesterday an unassuming postcard sat on my bed. Perhaps another from the damn dentist? Wait, it's handwritten - wait, what is this person talking about?! Hold-the-fucking-phone... it's signed 'Marieke Hardy'. Holy shit - I was ecstatic. I felt so privileged to be holding a non-imaginary postcard in my actual hands from 'The Marieke Hardy'.  Even now, it feels weird, but incredibly exciting - that someone like that would take the time to write to me.  I'm so appreciative of that fact.

My Gotye email, which I sent two days ago.. not really sure if it would actually reach the intended destination, received a reply TODAY! It was brief, but kind and signed off... 'Wally'?!

These events have exceeded my weekly excitement threshold - and it's freakin' Christmas in a few days! Where to go from here?

So, this post isn't strictly a letter, but about letters. It makes me incredibly happy that two very talented people took time out of their days to respond to little old me.  Now, who said the written word couldn't change anything?

I think I'm beginning to like this letter writing stuff.

Best. Letters. Ever.

SB xx

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