Monday, December 12, 2011

man of the hour

This past Saturday night, amongst the bushy land of The Swan Valley - I endured so many people; people in front, behind, beside - they stepped over me; spilt a drink on my friend and some knob even told me off in a polite, yet degrading manner, that I wasn't sitting the way I was supposed to be?! All of this had me cursing at first - but then the show really began. There was a surprise lunar eclipse (I say surprise, because I didn't know about it - although I'm quite sure the scientists did) and then out came my drummer boy: Wally De Backer a.k.a Gotye.

Due to the aforementioned seat change, I didn't feel as much thumping inside my chest, but by God - what a show.  Suddenly the crowd didn't bother me.  Wally came on - he had eleven companions on stage, all sharing his energy and excitement for sound. My favourite element, his very own drum kit - front and centre next to him. His voice was flawless - it carried across the amphitheatre and stunned even the stupid into silence.  I could barely see him, I was so far away - but nonetheless, he gave me goosebumps - a lot. Sometimes it was magical, other times, it was as if the crowd didn't even exist and it was just a window into a jam session; and on the songs where he let loose on his drum kit - it was like watching a child playing - a really talented, handsome, awesome child. He struck my heart with his drum sticks.

I waited through two unremarkable supporting bands - we got him for 60 short minutes. I used my 'loud' clap and screamed my girliest scream wherever possible; I delighted in 'Learnalilgivinanlovin' and cried quietly during his last song 'Bronte'.

I love him, simply.


SB xx

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Rianna said...

I think you'd be a great match. Seriously.