Wednesday, December 28, 2011

tv truths

"Sometimes, late at night, visited by dread and shame, I lie in bed and think about somebody else's life. I imagine the love that they're getting, and the relief that comes from being really known. The private pleasures they share. The friends they have and the pressures they don't. Their sense of importance. The satisfactions of their work. I imagine how fulfilled they are, how rich their life is. And in these moments, I feel empty and wanting.

Sometimes I think about someone else's life. I imagine all the love they do not have. I see the passion that's missing, the friends they don't know, and the awful pressures that crush them. In those moments, I realize how much I have. And how much I have to give."
— Enlightened, "Someone Else's Life"

I stumbled upon this quote, pulled from a show I have never seen. Something about these words grabbed me, because the first part - about feeling empty, well, that's me a lot of the time. But then, the second part makes me realise that maybe I don't need to have 'everything'... because in actual fact, no one does. And I guess, that makes it ok. And I guess, that makes me feel a little more 'normal' than I felt before.

As is always the case, we can't be sure what lies beneath someones surface - I barely even know my own truths.

SB xx

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