Sunday, December 4, 2011

red hot

I have been having some seriously weird dreams lately. Last night, it was that I got together with the current male university student we have at work right now. Which is ok I suppose - except for the fact that he's a 'ginger'. I've already been told by my Mother, that she doesn't think she could love ginger, freckly grand babies - so I best not be making any babies with ginger men... or any men with ginger genealogy - which could get tricky.

Now might be a good time to admit that I think the ginger uni student is kind of cute. And that this dream kept me awake from 4.30am this morning.

Anyway - it could be that this student simply reminds me of the magnetic Michael C Hall. I sort of love him, and don't mind at all that he plays a disconnected, emotionally retarded serial killer. He's a hot little ginger.

Oh, Michael. C. Hall...

SB xx

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