Friday, October 7, 2011

affirmative delivery

A while ago now, I was watching a show on TV where one of the guests was wearing a funky "yes" necklace.  I thought it was cool, and decided that I really wanted to find something similar.  And then, after my whole 'yes' day as documented here my desire to find the ultimate "yes" was reignited.

It was by chance I stumbled upon this lovely piece:

Strangely enough, I had only been reading about the delightful designs of Zoe & Morgan days before - so it seemed fated that I should find this!  I thought perhaps it could be on my Christmas list, but alas, being the impatient Aries that I am - I could not help but order it now, now, now!  So, I did. It was on sale too!

It arrived yesterday, and I'm in love with it.

Ooo la la... too pretty.

SB xx

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