Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writing the middle

I've come to realise that my life can be summarised in a series of poorly executed one-liners. I've been having trouble lately, writing entries - due to lack of inspiration, massive over thinking (me....never) or simply because I haven't had anything to say.

I used to think, that if I were to be expressed as a literary metaphor, I might be inclined to say I was a 'classic' novel, maybe even a 'cult' read. Now, I realise, I'm actually more of a MAD magazine.

Here is a list of blog titles I've considered using today:

- Dear God, please don't let me turn out like my Father

- What is wrong with me?

- What is wrong with my family?

- Remember kids, Facebook stalking always ends badly

- Confessions of a Compassion Fatigue

- I know what sequela means, do you?

- I can't BELIEVE it's not Friday yet.

- Who says you need sleep to function?

SB xx

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