Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shades of Red

So, I've been quiet on the blogging front lately, mostly because I wanted to refrain from wallowing in my perceived sad existence. Tonight, I break out - if only to record this either a) momentous experiment or b) foretell of my doomed complexion.

I've had this crazy red, spotty sore 'under nose' for a couple of weeks now - at first this unusual invasion paraded as a threatening island of pimples - but nothing really happened. Was it a consequence of too much chocolate, excessive nose rubbing or perhaps a karmic bite in the arse for years of having a naturally occurring peaches and cream complexion? Who knew. But today, I threw my hand into the lucky dip that is the bathroom top drawer and found a cream that may hold the solution. I don't know how long it's been there, I don't know the reason it was initially purchased; all I know is that I now put my faith into that little tube.

I've been using the cream for a few hours, with some promising results. Just now I reapplied for the night shift - hoping it will work its top drawer magic while I dream the night away. When reapplying, I did happen to take a closer look at the fine print... do not use on acne (um... I hope this shit isn't acne after all) however, perfectly fine for applying to genital areas (really? Not safe for pimple territory, but it's all systems a-go on the privates?!) I'm not entirely sure whether I should be comforted or alarmed.

Just so we are clear, this cream is not for the obvious use on genital issues. I do not have genital cream on my face - however, as a side note, is it not a little comforting to know that it is gentle enough, if you wanted and needed to, to apply to your privates? Just saying...what's good enough for the, you know, should be good enough for my face.

Anyway - what makes this little experiment even more daring is that I have a job interview tomorrow... for the job I'm currently 'acting' in; with a panel of people I know and of which at least two thirds dislike me. Excellent.

So, I might wake tomorrow to find an unidentified organism growing on my face... but right now I have to study to ace an interview for a job I'm already doing! That's some kind of pathetic, huh?

SB xx

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