Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am woman, hear me - just hear me

I feel like I should say something profound, given that today is International Women's Day!

I've never fully found a love for being a girl. I have always kind of seen it as a chore, a hassle. What's so great about big boobs that catch a falling spit of toothpaste? What's so great about menstruating on cue (well, almost) or pushing rather large babies out of teeny-tiny holes? But then, I realise, when I'm considering these things, that I'm not seeing 'woman' at all - I'm having a 'man look' when the subject is owed a good long 'woman-worthy hunt' in this, life's refrigerator.

When I think about the women who inspire me; it is the fighter, the protector, the mother, the calm - who send chills down my spine. There is nothing more inspiring than a woman who knows and accepts who she is and conveys it to the world. Women don't fall apart, not really. We fall down, we get up again and we rebuild. Some of us accept, some of us strive for change - but we always do whatever we do, despite that lingering thought that whispers, women just aren't as good as men.

But then, it is naive to bundle us all into the same mould. We are as diverse as the worlds cultures - and sometimes just as complex. But there is no denying the amazing sisterhood that splits this world into a giant family of girls - universal experiences bind us together, even when our lives are vastly different.

I hope I can become a great woman someday.

SB xx

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