Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can we pretend that today is tomorrow?

Today is a good day for running away - even the weather agrees; the sky looms grey - forewarning of change. Get out while you can.  The kind of day that begs, go your own way. As I drive to work, I am reminded of the people I fail to understand; the warped images of their personalities - pictures drawn partly from ideas created in my mind, merged with the actual. John should be leaving today. It's a good day to be leaving somewhere. It's not such a good day for being left behind.

I can't help but feel foolish, for investing so much into someone that thinks so little of me.  When will I learn? 

As I pull into the parking lot - I see an older man walking, his scruffy little dog runs playfully towards him, bouncing like only a puppy can - the man bends to greet his little friend, and it makes me smile.

See a puppy - melt a heart. Perhaps I should get a puppy, the adoration is obvious and almost always returned.  At least you know where you stand with an animal.  Funny how humans evolved in so many ways, but some remain stunted in the parts that really matter.

SB xx

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