Monday, February 28, 2011

goodbye, my almost lover

It's not quite time to say goodbye to John, but while searching for pictures for blatant misuse (not for profit, honest) I came across this fitting image.  I wish I could lay claim to the phrase - but it belongs to a clever designer, whose name I do not know. Ok, so if it were mine - the womanly legs might not be legs at all, and instead a pair of stunning eyes, or a perfectly hairy torso - but the sentiment is the same.

With a week and a bit left - I think I'm doing ok.  I can't be responsible for the way I might react once that point arrives - but I only hope I have the sense and will-power to keep 'it' in, until I'm on my own at least.

Love to all who wish for it; that's a pretty perfect world to me.

SB xx

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