Saturday, January 1, 2011

A renovators delight

It's that funny time, where all things red, green and sparkly are put away for another year. The season of frivolity and indulgence now passed, and the dark skies are glittered momentarily with fireworks that sprinkle their magic dust of hope in the air. It's those moments I think our slates are wiped clean, and for at least that moment, we believe the year ahead holds all possibility.

I'm not sure what 2011 holds - I implore it to treat me kindly. 2010 has ended on rather a roughened note for me - all kinds of trouble (or lack there-of) money troubles, health troubles, man troubles and workplace woes.

I want 2011 to be the year my cosmic order finally gets delivered. On the scales of life, I'd like to think I tip heavily on the good side. It's my turn, surely? I haven't got resolutions set in stone. But if 2010 was my year for 'making things happen', then 2011 would have to be the follow-up of that.

Now is the time for release; renewal of spirit and reassessment. Some goals for me:
- learn to be more accepting - of people, situations and life's flow
- look after myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually
- be true - say what I feel, be who I am and do the things that make my heart soar (or sing, or at least beat a little faster!)

Happy, happy new year - with a cherry on the top!

SB xx

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