Friday, January 7, 2011


Death On Arrival
(me at work this morning)
Dick On Arrival
(John's demeanour, from the start of the day)
Departure Of Asshole
(John when he left work this afternoon... annnd...
pretty much any time he walked out the door today)
Outlook: awkward
Right, so that little email... don't think it went down so well. So now, I'm feeling shitty, even though I didn't really do anything wrong - I just tried some honesty. Maybe it's not what he wanted to hear; maybe I put pressure where it's not wanted; maybe he disagrees, strongly; or maybe he's just a dick. Whatever, if that is actually how he's going to react - leave now.
I'm sure I should have just left it well alone. Just stupid me, trying to make a difference, trying to be supportive. Who's the dick now?
Suffice to say, I didn't get a reply. I didn't get anything beyond 'hello' and 'goodbye' all day. I got nothing. I almost wish he'd replied in anger - at least then I'd know where I stood for certain.
Something in me drives me to confront him about it - in actual person. I'll take the weekend to think on it and gauge how things go next week.
SB xx

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