Wednesday, December 15, 2010

with age comes honesty

Have you ever noticed that when you ask an elderly person how they are, they'll usually give you a two minute run-down of all the things wrong with them that day?

How are you Pop?
Ahhh, not too good today - I didn't sleep that well, the hips are aching and to top it off, I think my new medication is giving me a crook guts.

It's the hard and fast truth; a matter-of fact account of how they are this very minute. Talk about living in the moment, no age bracket is more in touch with themselves than this bunch.

Then, you ask the same question to a younger person - someone like me. I'm good.... I'm well.... good thanks... not bad. Even when everything in me is screaming that this day is rotten from top to bottom, start to finish, I submit the stock standard answer. It's like we're compelled to lie. Geared to keep it to ourselves - loathed to admit we aren't good. It's all about the brave face when you're young, the mask you put on to show everyone you're doing fine.

That's why I sort of admire 'old people'. I think they get it right. Most of them say what they want, do what they feel and make no apologies. They've lived so long, they figure they've earned the right to be outwardly grumpy, whiny or honest... and I guess in a sense they are right.

I hope I get old enough and comfortable enough in my wrinkly skin someday, to flip the bird to the world every now and then.

SB xx

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MissEmy said...

You go Strangebird!! I guess whenever someone asks me how I'm doing I assume they don't really care and they are just asking it as a courtesy. Hence, i always say "i'm doing great, how about you?" :P