Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Week that Was....

The days ran away from me this week, so my posting has been almost non-existent. There's been ups and downs this week, but in summary here's what went down:

Mediocre Monday: the usual Monday shit with some bonus intrigue. John returned to work after his strange hiatus - nil explanations. Business as shitty usual.

Tumultuous Tuesday: the day where anything that could go wrong, did go wrong - and then some. Today was a day of bad news (not mine), bad tempers (mine) and losing minds momentarily (mine... it has mostly returned now). It was also a day for declarations of war, fury and scorn - and a day for being generally kicked in the guts (my guts). It was a big day.

(You got hit with) what? Wednesday: I got smacked in the eye, with none other than a Wiggles toy microphone. It was totally accidental on the toddlers part - but it hurt like a mofo and left me feeling bruised, inside and out. God damn skivvy wearing weirdos - get a real job! It was also a day for more silent encounters with Benchpress me NOW Boy - why won't he just say something!? I know what you're thinking - I could say something, right? True, but my self esteem is much lower than his, and besides - I know he's spying me kinda creepily, working on the cross trainer... so his punishment for watching my sweaty ass for 17 minutes is that he should have to make the first move - warrior-armed punk!

Tearful Thursday: I wanted to cry before I even arrived at work. 3 minutes before departing for work, I received a message from my boss to say she was sick. "FUCK!" I cried, as I read the message. No one should have to say 'fuck' that early in the morning - it set me up for a crazy day, but there were a couple of redeeming features to the day - serving as a fresh reminder that you don't always get what you expect, and that this can be a good thing.

Flush Friday: my expectations weren't that high - the boss was sick again, but that was nothing new - and surprisingly (or not), things are less manic when she's not there. Still, the mood was upbeat, purely because it was Friday and it meant I'd survived another week. I had a terribly clumsy day, and a busy afternoon that saw me in a bit of a fluster with some rosy cheeks for good measure. The day ended well, with a nice and surprising chat with my newest but sadly temporary work mate - who I kind of have a girl-crush on - purely because she's organised and helpful, and well, treats me like a worthy human being - she's the kind of boss I wish I had and I have had stars of admiration in my eyes from the moment I met her. When she leaves, I think I am going to weep for a week.

Strange Saturday: I went on with my Saturday business, with the strange sense that it was to be the kind of day that would change my life... it really wasn't. Guess my 'Nonna sense' is off.

Subdued Sunday: here we arrive at today. A day for reviewing the week that has been, and cringe for the week that is to come. It's hard to sum up the day, because I'm still working my way through it. Am slightly subdued and saddened that yesterday wasn't the turning point I'd hoped it to be. Perhaps next week will surprise!

SB xx

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