Sunday, December 5, 2010

If you're not angry, you're not paying attention...

This afternoon I thought I'd plug my Wii in for a little Sunday afternoon fun/relax time. My poison was 'Super Mario Brothers'. I was feeling nostalgic - missing Mario's little moustache and bouncy demeanor - hoping for a little coin action and turtle jumping. It started out ok - but then things got really nasty. To cut a painful story short - I spent about 2 hours trying to pass the same level - losing numerous 'Mario lives' and bonuses in the process. Lost my temper, my patience and I think, gained whiplash. Oh yeah, and I really really hate Mario. So, I figured out that playing Wii:
doesn't look a thing like this

or this.

That it will generally leave you feeling like this.

And therefore, the probability that this,


and this

happens, is almost certain.

And, if nothing else - you'll just end up wanting to smack yourself in the face
to avoid anymore pain. A la this:

SB xx

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