Saturday, October 26, 2013

guilt & fortune

I had my future read today, well a version of it at least. The tarot cards told the reader, who then told me about great changes coming, lots of travel, future study, a soul-mate and an offer of love, oh and a pregnancy.

I wanted to believe that she was going to pull out her magic wand, and bring all the lovely things into existence, but this reader was smart.  As she put it to me, that I invite the changes, that it is all in the decisions I make.

The love is supposed to arrive around nine months from now, and the soul that is waiting to be birthed from me (poor thing, bad pick there mate) should hit around the twelve month mark.

?  ?  ?  ?  ?

I'm not sure what I thought as it was all happening. I suppose I was thinking it sounded nice, but mostly I was thinking really, this is all going to happen to me?  And later, when my sister said that humans have the gift of free-will, that we could choose and change things all around anyway, it was a bit 'Sliding Doors' and disappointing as I realised I'll actually have to participate to make anything happen. That I'll have to make changes, difficult choices, lose things to gain others and go... just go.

...Life is it, life is it, it's where it's at
It's getting skinny, getting fat
It's falling deep into a love,
It's getting crushed just like abut
Life there's no love, it's getting beat into the ground
It's getting lost and getting found,
To growing up and getting round
It's feeling silence, feeling sound
It's feeling lonely, feeling full
It's feeling oh so beautiful!...

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