Friday, January 4, 2013

gift horses

Today is Friday, which is great all on its own, except I have other things to be grateful for.

My niece started walking today - which means she has finally begun on her track to normal childhood milestones; which means one less thing for my anxiety ridden sister to worry about.  It means, of course - chaos - because she's going to be a little menace, but for my niece it means freedom, for her, a tiny triumph in a world chock-full-of stumbles and roadblocks.  I'm pleased that she has mounted this one successfully.

Yesterday was my sisters birthday, and I was able to spoil her with gifts - which I suspect made her feel, for just a fraction of that day that she was important - and for that small time, her mind was not fogged with worry and doubt.

I had a doctors appointment today.  I had to wait nearly an hour to see my smiley GP (who I suspect has more patients... and patience than time) and I got kind of what I expected - plus by utter strange coincidence I ended up sitting next to the aforementioned hot tradie.  I couldn't believe it - as if scripted in some midday rom-com movie, all the choices and moments collided right there.  Well, there was a little awkward, and no actual talking - but I did learn his name.. and that he breathes really heavy (an asthmatic perhaps?) But it was a surprise I didn't expect and a reminder that you just never know what's around the corner.. or in the GP waiting room.

I also received some mail today - some items I purchased for myself (so kind of like presents - if I forget who paid for them) but also other sparkly, surprising - beautiful things that would make your heart whistle (if it could whistle, healthily... hmm).

Also, the weather was a glorious 34 degrees, as opposed to the scorching 44 we had days earlier - so I was happy to walk in the sun without feeling my skin fry.

All of these things, these little unrelated things, crashed together and made for a day littered with great moments.  I guess all we can really hope for in life, is a series of great moments strung together in close succession.  Today I wear these moments like a string of pearls.  Tomorrow may hold any number of things, but just for now I'll be thankful for my moments, and I will not - I refuse to look that gift horse in the mouth.

And, as a complete side note, a celebration of this hot little biscuit Matt Corby...

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