Tuesday, October 2, 2012

session six

Today, as my counsellor probed the details of the past fortnight; as I talked about being frustrated with my world; about the idea of a new job; about wanting to play the drums; about feeling cut off from friends; about how I think the word "zen" is overrated and overused, and about how I might look a little like a pirate next time I see her - the whole time I just thought gosh, this is all a little indulgent, isn't it? After all, some people have real problems. She kept looking down at her session notes, as if trying to find an 'issue' to bring up. I secretly hoped she'd find one. I felt a little bad for her - I'm sure both of our internal voices were asking "what am I doing here?"

Doing well this week just feels like I'm heading to higher ground to fall from. But, all I have is now and for now I am ok.

...all I want is to look like you, talk like you and walk like you...

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