Friday, August 17, 2012

in my shoes

Today at work I was alone most of the day.  In one sense, this was peaceful, but it was also incredibly boring and frustrating.  I felt like I'd never see the end of the day.  At one point, I'm unpacking dozens of pairs of crutches - and as I'm squashing the giant cardboard boxes with my feet, it occurs to me that this time last year, in these very shoes, I was gallivanting around Romes sights and eating amazing gelati... it hardly seems fair. 

So, I excused myself fifteen minutes early, said I had an appointment, with my weekend, and left. I ended my day feeling that I had been the best kind of person I could be today.

This little skit kept getting played on the radio - and it made me laugh out loud every time. The distance between laughter should never be long, so we should get it wherever we can find it.

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