Monday, April 9, 2012

I don't blame you

It's less than one week until my 29th birthday.  Ouch - that hurts to admit. Less than one week until I am uncomfortably close to 30.  It's not so much the number that scares me, but the expectations, the "shoulds" that I (pardon me) should have arrived at by now. It's like a ticking time bomb..tick tick...can't you hear your life running away from you...

"You're a FAILURE" is practically written on my cake. Does she have a boyfriend yet? Is she seeing anybody? WHY NOT?! Wasn't she studying....?

I'm chained to this life that I didn't plan, and I barely recognise the roads I took to get here.

I absolutely should have been born into a British period drama. Austen knew how to sort this shit out.

Am looking for new distraction: study opportunity, mind/body overhaul, new career and holiday destinations. Oh, and possibly considering running away for next birthday.



Rianna said...

Chill out Sweets; I felt that way before turning 29 too. And damn it all to hell - the sun rose the next day, and has had the audacity to keep rising every day since! Some days have been great, some have been shit. But the days go on. Regardless of how I feel about the prospect. Not alone. xx

StrangeBird said...

I know, I know - it ain't all bad. Plans are overrated anyway :)