Saturday, March 10, 2012

pretty, empty things

I have a penchant for buying pretty journals that I fail to fill.  My desk drawers are full of books with empty pages.  Still, whenever I find one that catches my eye - I can't bear to leave it behind.  I found one such notebook while shopping last weekend.

It still sits empty, but it has lead me to a talent named Raphaël. Check it out, because I will be.

Also - I think I may be part mermaid - I too have a great fear of shallow living, but I also fear some depths...

More to come.

SB xx

1 comment:

Rianna said...

That book is gorgeous!!!
You know, you just answered a question for me: I was browsing the other day and saw a beautiful journal and wanted to get it for you, but I didn't want to seem like I was giving you something you had to use...I don't like it when someone goes 'this changed my life so you must do it too!'
Ps - Bobby calls me his Mermaid :)
So we must be sisters in mer-realm also :) xxx