Sunday, January 15, 2012

little hell

I think maybe hell is a table dressed in the same cloth - everyday; cracked concrete footpaths, grazed knees, big feet and clumsy hands.  Never being the one that's chased; question after question after question; a headache that won't go away; that sharp pain in your shoulder blade you can't explain; a book you want to put down. There might just be a little bit of hell for all of us.

I think this is St. Vincent's version.

SB xx


Rianna said...

She's so amazing :)
She's always struck me as a woman who has a touch of the 'Tim Burtons' about all is well until you actually look at it, and see the only one awake is fighting for their sanity.
I love this.

StrangeBird said...

I discovered her by accident recently and find her very intriguing. You're completely right - there's something offbeat about her...just imagine what goes on in her mind.