Monday, January 9, 2012

going postal

I'm currently recovering from a rather traumatic Australia Post experience.  I've been waiting on an important parcel - it took me ages to find the item, it's for my sisters birthday present, and it's also rather expensive.  So, when I learnt today, that the parcel had not arrived... I decided to check the online tracking.  The online tracking revealed that my parcel had been delivered to: NOT ME!

I flipped - called the collection centre, losing my mind in the process.  Mostly, I kept my manners - until the toad on the other end of the phone verbalised her relief at not being at work the time the parcel was supposedly signed for - by- NOT ME. After I put my stern voice on, the toad went to talk to her supervisor.  She came back, explained a misunderstanding, and then went to check to see if the parcel was in fact there.  While she kept me on hold - that strange 'female-anger' feeling came upon me... you know, the one where you simultaneously want to scream, cry and vomit all at once.  Crisis averted, the parcel is there... shame she couldn't tell me that before I'd developed an ulcer.

Tomorrow my dreaded boss returns to her throne. I feel uncertain about it, maybe even nervous; because I know all the good stuff stops now and I have to start watching my mouth again. I recognise there is nothing I can do, it's easy now to say that I am detached, but it's not usually a way of being that is easily maintained for me. My friend 'M' tells me her motto for 2012 is ACQUIESCE and ACCEPT. I wish to adopt these principles, perhaps with the addition of 'wear sunscreen'. Up until a couple of days ago , I didn't know the dictionary definition of 'acquiesce', and I still don't know how to spell it, without thinking really hard (or using!) but still, I hope I can achieve it. I must remember that it's not my job to make my 'formerly known as' ex-ex-boss look bad, or feel bad - because she does a wonderful job of that all on her own. 

Plus, she's British, and I suspect it's her disarming cockney accent that makes most people find her funny and charming.  Little do they know....

SB xx

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