Monday, November 21, 2011

some people are real problems

Going by today's experiences - I say with complete confidence, that upon waking this morning, approximately 30% of the worlds people decided they were going to be assholes today.

Lets see - there was the nurse who tore strips off me for interrupting her break to provide her with some handover, for, lets see - HER PATIENT. I accept you might be overworked lady, but you know what? I'm not the one you need to get angry at. And I accept I probably don't factor very highly on your 'people that matter' mental list - but how about some decency for a fellow human, who by all accounts has always been, at the very least, courteous to you?

Then there was the guy on the phone who not so eloquently expressed his desire not to be seen at my workplace anymore.  I'm sorry jerk-face, did our messages concerning YOUR HEALTH throw you into a state of agitation?  You know what agitates me? When I have to waste ridiculous amounts of time and resources chasing wankers like yourself around, all because you can't be assed responding to voice message number one.

You know what else shitty people - it's Monday for me too.  I didn't sleep that well the last couple of nights, I'm fighting an internal battle with sputum and I generally don't want to be at work most days. But I still conduct myself with some manner of professionalism - I smile when I answer the phone, I'm helpful and polite even when given cause not to be - this is all actually part of being an adult. A semi-functioning, adult human being.

On days like these, it pays to remember that some people have real problems.

SB xx


Rianna said...

Move over here and come work with me! People are equally shit, but you do get a lot of excercise dodging boxes being lobbed at your head. Also...sometimes we get to do makeup or dancing or styling which is rad fun :)

StrangeBird said...

Ohhh, sounds like fun! If only...