Friday, November 4, 2011

the man, dan #2

I have loved Daniel Johns since I was about 15.  I remember teasing my older sister when she hit her silverchair phase before me. When posters of Daniel starting hitting her bedroom walls - I would bait her with Daniel jokes.  But then, something happened.  I must've hit that magical age, or one day I heard a silverchair song and decided it was made for me.  The tables had turned, and I was now the Daniel lover.

I loved him when he was a clean-skin - young and awkward; and I loved him, even when he wasn't around.  I love him most of all, because he is strange and sad and maybe damaged - and I am still terribly convinced that we are perfect for one another.

SB xx

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Rianna said...

I would LOVE to see you two get together. Like, I would LOVE, LOVE it!