Sunday, November 27, 2011

early break

Waiting 11 months for a chance at 31 single days to listen to Christmas music seems, unfair. No, I don't prance around in knitted clothing items sporting Santa's head, nor do I dress my car up to look like Rudolph (yes, some people actually do that)... but, ok, I admit it, I like to listen to Christmas music. Why? Because it reminds me that an exciting day is coming.  Because even when the temperature outside hits 43 in the shade, I can still hear songs about snow and it makes me feel better.

It's kind of the unwritten rule that you don't partake in anything Christmas-celebration related until after December 1st - but I've found myself some funky new music and I really, really want to try it out. 

Soooo - I'm gonna!

How can it bad luck to do something that makes you even a little happy?

One album I'm particularly excited about is:

Right now, I'm two songs closer to my condemnation to hell - it's fun and folksy, so who cares!  Another great find from last year was the O.C mix "Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah".  Forget about it being from a TV show, it's actually an awesome collection of non-obvious Christmas songs - alternative, if you will.  If there's a collection of non-poxy Christmas songs - I'll find it.

Let me just be very clear about this; there will never be any Bieber. Ever. I don't care how merry his Christmas may be.

SB xx

Can't believe I just wrote a post on Christmas music.

Hmm.. spell check picks up that 'Rudolph' should be capitalised, but does not recognise Bieber... it's a win for humanity.

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