Friday, July 22, 2011

a kiss with a fist is better than none...maybe

I gave an older man some directions in the building today - he was looking for a particular department and was a little lost.  He put his hand out at our conversations end, so I put out mine in response, expecting a friendly hand shake - it started as a handshake and ended in him kissing me on my wrist! Why God, why must they always be shabby, old and crazy?  I can handle me some crazy - but how about a little youth and hotness too!?

In other news, I went to make a phone call at work, picked up the handset and went to dial the number - ON MY KEYBOARD!! Thank God it's Friday!

I sent John a 'travel safe' SMS today, as I know he is travelling.  Nil response. I wish there was a way to retract text messages. I wish there was a way to retract feelings and time too.

Guess it's just me and the crazy's from here on in.

SB xx

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