Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second me the f**k outta here

My manager is being seconded to another department in a few short weeks...and when I say 'being', what I mean to say is she is choosing to do this. I've had a couple of weeks for the news to soak in. It actually doesn't bother me a great deal. The way I figure it, we'll actually be better off in a lot of ways.

It's starting to get hard on everyone though - suddenly certain people are taking advantage of our poor situation - kicking us while we are down I suppose. I'm trying hard to keep everything together - for the sake of the people around me, but sometimes what I really feel like doing is escaping. What I really feel like doing is talking to someone, John someone.

I broke my silence with John last week - I sat down late at night, writing a 'maybe I'll send this' email. I slept on the issue, and decided the next day that I would send it. By pure chance, he responded that day. He says he has been super busy, he tells me to send him as many emails as I like, he asked me about 'me', he told me he might have to do a quick trip back here, he told me he'd let me know when he was coming, as a catch up is in order. I about melted out of my skin. I miss having him around, I wish he would write more often, and I hope he does want to catch up with me. Emails from him brighten my day like nothing else. I promise myself this time I won't let it get out of hand; this time I will be patient, hopeful and open.

Thing is, I'm not very good at keeping my own promises.

SB xx

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