Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Selective Hearing

From the lovely Sarah Blasko, this song popped up on my shuffling ipod yesterday morning.  I've never really taken the time to listen to it until then, and it seemed kind of fitting.  Funny how when you are ready, you can hear what you need hear in a song. Almost as if it were written exclusively for you...

Love is something of an art
When we are led by such divided hearts
Painted black, their center red
Beating now, they're loaded with regret
Full of memories that you can't neglect

Of all the things that you've yet to prove
Oh, the times I've thought this whole thing through
Lived whole lifetimes in disguise from you
How can I hold to a pale idea
When you've given everything you can
By everything you feel, you stand

I could never belong to you
I could never belong to you

For all the troubles of an onward path
The confusion lacks a tragic punch
When we take the desired turns
All we have is all we can find
No one else can make this mine

I could never belong to you
I could never belong to you...

SB xx

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